HEART 9/11 Working with ACDC to Rebuild Africatown

The ACDC welcomed around 30 distinguished volunteers in Community rebuilding efforts on Sunday, February 26, from the HEART 9/11 non-profit organization.  Their visit has been heavily covered by area media and stories can be found herehere, and here.  Founded by President and first responder Bill Keegan in the aftermath of the  9/11 terror attacks, Keegan, other first responders, and HEART members wanted to pay forward the spirit and actions of so many New York City residents and citizens around the world who made financial contributions and volunteered expertise and physical labor in the City’s recovery. Now they channel their efforts toward communities facing similar critical incidents.  Having read a story in the New York Post about how ACDC President Cleon Jones was working to restore and rebuild the Africatown Community, the group reached out to plan a visit.  Working with grant funds of $110 K provided by the City from the “Aging in Place Senior Home Rehabilitation” program, matched by a generous donation of $90 K from ABCP Member Canfor, ACDC has been repairing homes for seniors in the Community.  With the help of the 30 HEART 9/11 volunteers, they will be working from February 27-March 4 renovating 10 homes with such needs as new roofs, interior painting and internal repairs.  Look for the command post at the corner of Front and Green Streets and come by with a word of thanks for these noble first responders.  See more about HEART 9/11’s impact below and find out more at their website.  

Source: Africatown Community Development Corporation, March 2023